Jan. 9th, 2009

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Includes a manip at the bottom of the page with a partial face of the new Doctor.
Don't look if you're concerned about casting spoilers.
Characters: The 11th Doctor[not based on anything besides my imagination so read freely w/o worry], 10.5, Rose and Tyler [oc]

The 11th Doctor

Time travel and parallel universes were funny things.
Well, perhaps not so much funny as not-funny, at all, really.
Hmm . . .

Chapter 1: Anderly Park

When the TARDIS landed on Earth.2 he wondered where exactly he was and when exactly he’d gotten there. The entire situation was strange really. He was on the other side of the great big universe at the opposite end of time and then in an instant a rumble rumble here and a shaky shaky there and here he was. Earth. Most definitely Earth by the glaring yellow sun and what stars he could make out through the bright blue sky but little things: the bird’s song, the fluffy white dandelion seeds dancing by, the distinct genetically variant race of Vashta Nerada, and most telling, the sweet hint of methyl-themerol-chlorixide in the air, told him this place was not the Earth of his universe but of another. Methyl-themerol-chlorixide was never developed on Earth prime. It would be three Earths later in vastly different galaxies before the technology to cross-pollinate via chemical spraying vs. the then extinct bumble bee would be approved by the Interstellar Department of Agriculture.Read more... )

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