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Smallville Season 7
Characters: Clark, Lex, Kara, Martha, J’onn, Other
Word Count: 5,000 [complete]
Series: The Way I Am
Notes: The title is crack, the story is not.
Warnings: Emo angst and lots of Jell-O
Previous Stories in the Series:  When Bad Bullets Happen to Good People |

“How are you?” Martha Kent asked from the door of her son’s bedroom. Clark was sitting at his computer desk staring at a blank screen. What was supposed to be an e-mail to Nell Potter started a half hour ago had become a query into the blissful isolation of daydreams.

Shaking himself out of whatever thought he’d been lost in, Clark looked up and over to his mother with a phantom of his former smile. Martha hadn’t seen her son since Thanksgiving. That unfortunately made it a month and counting since she’d seen his beautiful smile. The thing he painted on his face now was nothing like what it had been. She missed it as if it had been a symbol of Clark in itself.

“I’m better,” he said, avoiding telling words such as ‘fine’ or ‘good’ which, they both knew, would be lies. He was better, yes, but that was on a relative scale. When one hit the bottom of melancholy, up was the only direction left.
Oh, For the Love of Jell-O . . . )

justforspite: (Cate- Solitude)

Smallville Season 7
Characters: Clark, Lex, Lana, Kara, Others
Word Count: 6,000 [complete]
Notes: The title is crack, the story is not.
Warnings: Character Death
Melly gave me a prompt and I kinda ended up with this instead. Sorry!

“Lana?” He called out as he walked into the quiet home. Placing the groceries down on the table, Clark started to unpack the bags. “Kara? I got the Jell-O.” He was amazed at the things that fascinated and delighted his cousin. Of so many things that Earth had to offer, she was astonished, and this wasn’t an exaggeration, she was positively astonished at the edibility of neon-blue Jell-O. She would use one of his mother’s Bundt pans and make a mountain of the stuff, place it on the table when it was fully formed and then . . . she would wiggle it. It never failed to bring a smile to her face as she watched it dance and dance.

“Kara, it’s not that interesting,” Lana said with a grin the first time Kara had discovered the wiggly stuff.

“Says you. The only thing that moved like this on Krypton were Alphis.”

Clark had frowned, the name somewhat familiar. “Alphis?”

“Little cave dwelling molds.”
When Bad Bullets Happen to Good People )

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