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Part 11- Furnace Creek- Pt 2

Time waits for no one. It was a constant. He knew this as a plain fact but Lex was aware that his mind had decided to play tricks on him.

That Christmas night, a few hours west of Kansas, he was sure time had slowed to almost stopping entirely. It was maddening as he waited with Clark for the sun to rise. He hoped against all hope that the rising sun would help Clark through, what Lex saw clearly was the start of a fever. He knew he couldn’t just give Clark a Tylenol and expect everything to be okay. The only thing he knew for certain that could help Clark was the sun.

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Part 10- Furnace Creek- Pt 1

And it was like . . . the world had disappeared.

“You can’t just leave him,” he whispered.

He was seated alone in the corner of an old log cabin. His wrists were chained to a loop in an ancient cast iron radiator that no longer worked. There was an undefined space on a far wall that seemed to hold his interest. He stared at it, barely blinking at all. His clothes were wet with melted snow and stained with blood. None of it seemed to exist for him anymore though. Nothing but that place on the wall where he saw the image of Clark laying in the snow. As the moments passed he waited for Clark to stand up and come to him, hoping his warm hands could take away some of this cold. But . . . he didn’t move. He stayed there, just face down in the snow.

“You can’t just leave him,” he muttered again. A shiver ran up his back but his mind no longer seemed to connect to his body. He didn’t do anything but stare at the Clark lost in his mind.
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Part 9- Black Mountains

The Black Mountains Ski Lodge and Resort
Aspen, Colorado

Clark stepped off the airport shuttle, bags in hand, and looked towards the exclusive snowcapped mountain getaway built for the use of reclusive millionaires. The Black Mountains Resort was a collection of six individual chalets located a quarter mile apart in the massive mountain topped compound. The six buildings appealed to their guest’s individual tastes and styles. There was Mistral, Lafitenia, Le Chardon, Bergerie, Kilimanjaro and the sixth, Val Thorens, was the building they had approached.

The tagline to the resort was: A LuthorCorp Enterprise.
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Part 8- Telescope Peak

He wasn’t sleeping, though at just past midnight he should have been. Instead Clark stared unblinkingly at his ceiling and hummed another bar of some random song he’d managed to get stuck in his head. It sounded like the battleship cry and a funeral dirge rolled into one; at once ominous and foreboding. He lay in his bed and tried not to think about the world outside his window and beyond the lands of his father.

Somehow he had managed to convince Adele to drive him back to Smallville without telling Lex. She gave the standard rebukes and rebuttals but he told her that she could drive or he’d have to (and upon saying this, he raised his hands for her analysis). Unsurprisingly, she agreed. Now she slept in the guestroom which had been his father’s home office since he could remember. Clark knew that if he came back to farm this land sometime in the future, he would make that room an office once more. With a little bit of luck and some help from New Jersey, they’d avoided the press upon leaving Met. U. and had a relatively quiet ride back to the farm. He’d left a message with Lex’s service that he was heading home and that was it. He didn’t want to wait or discuss or be convinced to go to the penthouse. He needed time away from the bustle of the city to think.
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Part 7- Amargosa Chaos

“No comment,” Martha Kent said to the near impenetrable wall of newshounds packed onto the sidewalk in front of Lex’s building. A cold drizzle had begun just as the sun had set on that Sunday in November. The barren trees lining Centennial Park Avenue swayed slowly in the crisp chilly breeze and reminders of the season were seen with a mixture of wet flurries that couldn’t stand against the misty rain. Metropolis was beautiful this time of year but its beauty was lost on the junior senator from Lowell County as only thoughts of her son filled her mind.

She was being led through the thick crowd of cameras, tape recorders and shouting heads by two large members of Lex’s security team.

“Senator Kent!” Was one particular shout she heard before they crossed the threshold to private property and into blessed silence. That voice was the singular one amongst the din that Martha turned around to meet.

“Ms. Amargosa,” Martha said, looking into the pair of eager dark brown eyes under a wave of chocolate colored curls. Maria Shannon Amargosa (Shane to her readership) was holding a tape recorder out to catch Martha’s every word.

“Your son’s troubling desire to become a household name has finally come to fruition with tragic results. Do you think this recent stunt was too extreme for fifteen minutes worth of fame?”
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Part 6- Ventifact

He woke that afternoon to the careful and curious gaze of deep emerald green eyes. Set in a pallid marble face, Lex thought for a moment that he was still sleeping. He brought his palm up and touched the high cheekbones and high brow. He brushed the tips of his fingers down the smooth face and smiled, feeling the familiar heat just under the skin. He reached over and gently kissed Clark’s forehead.

“How are you?” He asked quietly, not ready to break the fragile shell of this new day. Clark raised his hand; the splint was gone. He flexed his fingers with ease. “And your leg?”

“A little itchy—” he began then stopped, seeming to flinch a little. “She cut really deep,” he said in nothing more than a whisper. He looked into Lex’s eyes and couldn’t deal with the heavy concern there. “I’ll be okay,” he mumbled, looking away.

Lex brought back his gaze and looked to him with worry and question, “You’re not really going to hold what happened over your head?”

He forced a pale imitation of his familiar smile, “I’m not.”

“How did your lies ever fool me?”
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Part 4- Titus

Commotion was expected. Required. Somehow requisite when you witness the suicide of one of your old acquaintances and the butcher of one of your new. It was only right. But what was right, normal and proper was paused for a very long moment to allow shock and surprise to permeate once Clark Kent collapsed into the arms of the young LuthorCorp CEO. With his blood pooling on the deck and the screams of his lover calling for help, those in attendance were too petrified to even move. This moment, this instant, it didn’t last hours, or minutes or even an extended amount of seconds. It was just long enough for the fright of the moment to pierce their gilded existence and eat away at their now fragile grasp of reality.
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Part 4- Badwater- Pt 2

Clark made his way quietly back to Chatsworth with a sick feeling overwhelming him. Who those men were, he didn’t know. As for what they wanted, Clark figured with the kind of blow they intended to deal him, they weren’t interested in asking questions. They wanted him broken or dead and he had no idea why. If perchance this failed attack on him was aimed really at Lex then being the lover to a Luthor just became much more than social scorn and cocktail parties. Now his would-be assailants had a story they could tell to anyone willing to listen. Or anyone willing to pay. His first inclination was to go after them, but then what? Sit them down and chat? Beat the tar out of them? He needed to sit and think and try and figure out what just happened. He needed Lex.
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Part 3- Dante’s View

Chatsworth was a large plantation. It had a set of eight tall white pillars that ran the width of the porch and up the length of the two-story home. The façade was red brick and white stone. The Astors had sent cars out to retrieve their guests for their annual Thanksgiving dinner which was, tonight, doubling as Clark’s inspection. Few people lived on St. Martin’s and the Astors were the first family. Chatsworth sat atop a small lush hill on the center of the island and it was accessed by a wide willow-lined boulevard. Tonight there were no leaves, just the dry, sad sprigs reminiscent of a spring and summer passed. There was a half moon out and the clear sky allowed the guests to look up to the heavens and watch the stars twinkle down upon them. The air was cool and crisp and foreboded the coming December. Most in attendance looked forward to December. A return to Chatsworth would come between Christmas and the New Year for the Astor’s winter formal. Pennelyne Astor would go to great lengths for the perfection of that event. Every year she hired a Louisiana steamboat to ferry her guests down the river for an after dinner midnight cruise and if there was snow, sleds would carry her guests to her door. If there wasn’t snow, she would ensure there would be snow, and still, sleds would carry her guests to her door. She was a persnickety woman and tonight’s party was known to be when she would make her final guest list for the winter formal.
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Part 2- Badwater- Pt 1

Mrs. Pennelyne Astor had claimed dinner would be a ‘small, intimate gathering of friends’. Looking over the French-milled ivory-colored cardstock and gold leaf lettered invitation, Clark sighed. He rolled that definition around in his mind as he got dressed for the party. ‘Small and intimate’ in Lex’s world usually meant fewer than a hundred guests. That was how Lex had defined it for him in their training sessions. ‘Friends’ especially had no meaning at all. The word wasn’t used the same way Clark always had. Friends, acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances and even bitter business rivals were all lumped into the same stew. Lex had prepared him for tonight. Drill after drill he felt like the past few days with him could be roughly equivalent to etiquette boot camp. Smile and nod, answer and do not question.
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Wharton quote prompted by [livejournal.com profile] tragicllyhip

The Vultures of Death Valley

“His whole future seemed suddenly to be unrolled before him; and passing down its endless emptiness he saw the dwindling figure of a man to whom nothing was ever to happen.”

---Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence

Part 1- Devil’s Golf Course

He was no one to them but everything to him. In a move to break him he became their target.


Funny how everything was just business as usual, and the business was death.

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