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Chapter 4

The prospect of my father walking in on me didn’t unnerve me half as much as the idea that if I hid, he’d go into my office, find Alex and get himself killed. My dad’s done horrible things to me and I’ve resented him for a very long time but the idea that he’d die thinking I killed him pushed away my uncertainty and I perhaps moved too quickly, was too hasty. I secured the towel around my chest and was about to emerge from the bathroom when my reflection stopped me dead in my tracks. I wasn’t going to go out there looking like Caine from Kung Fu so I grabbed another towel and tried to wrap it around my head. This I’d never had occasion to do in my life. I fumbled around until the bottom towel slipped just as I got my head wrapped in some sort of turban. There was a knock at the door and I grabbed the towel just in time to shield myself as my father walked into the bathroom.

I was sure my face and ears were as red as Clark’s barn. I’d just been walked in on, by my dad . . . as a woman. I was about to snap, ‘Do you mind?’ as I’d perhaps do as a man but as a woman, and stranger to him, it would be a sure confirmation that I wasn’t exactly to be respected.

So I screamed.
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Chapter 3

I eventually came to when my head decided that pain would be the best way to rouse me. It wasn’t mere headache pain but was rather the worst throbbing aching sharp agony I’ve felt in years, perhaps ever. I felt like I went twelve rounds with George Foreman, though I’m sure he would never hit a girl. My first thought was a decided Ouch. My second was when I could attain a meeting with the Metropolitan Woman’s Justice Organization to give a plentiful donation. As a man, being hit by a man was no comparison to this agony and it now boggled me how widespread battery was.

“Umm . . . Lex?” I heard a voice from somewhere above me and I realized that I was only awake in my mind, my eyes were still closed. I groaned and thought I opened my eyes but everything was still dark. That’s when I felt the cloth on my face. Oh that was nice. It was nice and cold and—
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Chapter Two

Clark and I . . . we have a strange relationship, admittedly. I still consider him my best friend but I doubt that counts for much since he holds the position by default. I don’t have many friends. The title of ‘acquaintance’ is frequently passed around but I think friend should and does mean more than a person you might have had a few business dinners with and the fact that they can correctly guess which month your birthday is in shouldn’t be a boon. Clark is the closest friend I’ve ever had and when I heard his voice calling out to me I think I . . .
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Michi said to me, fandom needs something light every once in a while
I said, light and fun and ironical.

Take this story as you will,
I’ve got Jane Austen on my brain.

Thank Nora for this one.
The Lady
By JayneFaire

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
Without ever having felt sorry for itself.

Self-Pity by D.H. Lawrence


Would it be too much to ask that when one is involved in illegal scientific experiments of a highly volatile kind and something goes terribly wrong, there could be some relief, be it calling 911 and commiserating even though risking federal prison or even going to your own father and bawling on his knee?

Bawling on his knee? Indeed, I haven’t bawled on my father’s knee since I was five years old and he told me that Luthor’s didn’t do that kind of thing. My mother cried enough for all the Luthor’s in history who refrained. But David said it right and my father too was right—Luthor’s have always been akin to wild animals and it’s true, I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.

Chapter One

My clothes were a little loose on me. Granted, I was in the aftermath of a terrible explosion and thinking of my clothes was the last thing I meant to do. I meant to check for blood and when I touched my head I realized how long my sleeves were. When you pay a thousand dollars for a suit and have it tailored by a crotchety old Italian to fit your body like a glove, having long sleeves takes a person by surprise. It doesn’t matter that smoke is filling your lungs or that your billion dollar secret lab looks like Nagasaki the day after Fat Man dropped by for a visit. Your sleeves take full precedence because that means something happened to you that you haven’t realized yet. You are either smaller than you woke up or the suit is larger than it was when you put it on just this morning.

Sleeves became my death knell.
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