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Clark peered through his clear lenses at the Duomo. The doors to the cathedral had closed over six hours ago but the view from the outside was breathtaking. He’d had somewhat of a view from his hotel window but actually standing in the square was how it was really meant to be seen. He wished he’d done this back in Rome—there’d been so many places he’d wanted to see in Rome: Villa Borghese, Campidoglio, the Coliseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain [jeez] All of it was right there at his fingertips—but . . . wait . . .

Nothing was stopping him from seeing Rome. For him, it was only a few seconds away. Hell, he could take in all of Italy tonight! The idea alone was pure liberation. What was stopping him from taking in Tuscany or Florence or Siena, Genoa, Naples, Venice [without Pete]. All of it!

With a wide smile and a desire to take in all of Milan, Clark sped away.
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February in Milan was welcomingly more temperate than at the Winter Palace. Lex thought that New York had dismal winters but his first December in St. Petersburg was like being dipped headfirst in a vat of liquid nitrogen. He had no idea what Napoleon and Hitler thought they were doing when they invaded Russia. He would have loved to take a night tour of the city and visit the Piazza del Duomo, the Leonardo Memorial, the Pinacoteca di Brera, and all the other places the online tourist websites told him he had to visit when one came to Milan, but there were always places for him to go and people for him to see. He’d taken over Chair duties of LuthorCorp from his father but the nature of the company had changed and the title was just that: titular. He just existed as a symbol of the nation just as he existed as a symbol for the company. When faced with both sides of his responsibilities, there was absolutely no leeway given for side excursions.

Stepping out of the shower of his hotel bathroom, Lex tied a pristine white towel around his narrow waist and went to the mirror. Wiping away the fog he looked to his newly returned curls. They dropped in ringlets all about his face and trailed, heavy with water, down his bare back. He’d come to resent his hair over the years. During his childhood and through his years at Princeton, he’d worn his hair normally; short, sometimes shaggy, but nothing stare-worthy. Now he spent most of his days looking like the cover of a metal album from the 80’s. Now he was obliged [he really hated that word] to grow it out. His father had drilled it into him that it had to do with tradition and respect and returning to the core practices of the Empire and [blah blah] all of that.on holiday . . . )

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On Holiday
Clearly janked from “Roman Holiday”
Clex friendship [perhaps more later on]
Prompted by [livejournal.com profile] melygirl
This is AU like a weird AU'y thing

On Holiday

No one had ever told him he was handsome. He supposed now, as he was being primped and pampered and fussed over that sometime in his life, someone should have given him a heads up on that. Of course, his nature and the kind of person he just was didn’t allow him leeway to accept a declaration such as that. His mother had said it a few times as mothers should and Chloe had said it some, as best friends would, but he’d never considered his mom and his closest confidante to be very objective. No, actually, he completely expected them to lie and that was alright, somehow lying to someone you cared about to make life easier for them wasn’t anything malicious but now, all that thinking had done for him was left him very confused.

Now he suspected they hadn’t been lying.On Holiday . . . )

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