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Chapter Six:


“You’re not saying much,” Lex observed. Moment after moment had passed and they remained in heavy silence.

Prompted, Clark replied, “I guess I don’t talk a lot . . . anymore.” Read more... )
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Chapter Five:
Direct Questions

He was faced with a challenge that hung directly on the hope Lex would wake up the same as he had just three hours ago. He would still be the man Clark had grown to value, to trust and to appreciate.

Clark tried to prepare himself for what lay ahead. There were two possibilities and even if Lex woke up with no recollection of the last four years, there was of course the very real possibility, even the expectation, that he would remember everything eventually. That wasn’t the issue, Clark knew it wasn’t. What lay ahead of him was the challenge to re-lay some groundwork, to reform foundations that had eroded in the last few years. This was his opportunity to reach out without fear of his hand being bitten off in the process. Lex’s mistrust and his guards and defenses were lowered. He trusted Clark to be his friend and it was now up to Clark to be that friend, to show him he always had been. He was older now and more emotionally equipped to deal with the world and what it meant to be of the world. He was more comfortable with himself and with those around him. He hoped it was enough to guide him because the fact of the matter was, four years ago he’d made a decision based on fear, one he’d never again repeated, but it was made and he knew, deep in his heart, it played a part in shaping who Lex had become. The torture and torment Lex had gone through at the hands of his father . . . that’s where it all began.Read more... )

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Chapter Four:

“What?” Of all the responses he could have had to that kind of statement, Clark was lost in incomprehension. It wasn’t disbelief; he’d first have to understand something and grasp something before he could have chosen not to believe it. Two seconds ago, Lex had told him that his main worry was Belle Reve and that the men outside were waiting to take him back. He also mentioned his father as if he could come into this room at any moment. Those fears were fears of the past, worries of a time long dead.

“How far did we get?” Lex asked.

“Lex, you’re injured, you’re confused—”

“I’m terrified,” and he said that with such a fierce determination in his gaze that Clark’s words dried on his tongue. “But I’m finally thinking clearer than I have in months. So before they slip anything else into this tube in my arm, please Clark, where do we go from here?”Read more... )

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Chapter Three:
Forgetting to Remember

“Who are you?” Was the question asked just minutes after Lex’s eyes had briefly opened, throwing so much confusion into Clark before they again closed. Clark had pulled the chair up as he’d been instructed but he’d been reluctant to sit, to stay, to pretend that whatever daze Lex had been in meant anything more than a passing hallucination. So he hovered, building up the courage to just finally cut Lex free. He thought it would be so simple, so easy. A little disappointment should have gone a long way but Lex had reached out to him and that, Clark feared, had changed everything. Feared? Maybe it wasn’t the right word but the fact of the matter was, Lex had done so much that Clark was unsure if . . . if it really came down to it, could he forgive Lex? Should he be forgiven? Was it Clark’s place to even determine something like that? If the miracle he asked for actually came through, could Clark keep up his end of following through? They were irrational fears, he thought. For all his faith, he was asking for a Band-Aid to work over an arterial bleed.

But, what if miracles did happen? Read more... )

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Chapter Two:
Incomprehension and Ardent Adventures

Lex’s medical files were rife with impossibility. The emergency room doctors who had received him knew this. The surgeons who worked on him knew this. They understood there was a type of anomaly in his basic healing structure but those who hadn’t faced it directly were astounded that, after only a few hours post the first of what they expected to be many surgeries, Lex responded to external stimuli while laying in observation in the recovery room. They wanted to share their information with someone, they wanted to get recognition from anyone, but there was no one . . . only a young man in a black suit who’d been standing in the same spot for hours.

“Mister, ahh,” he looked down to his clipboard, “Kent. I’m Dr. Brennan. How are you related to Mr. Luthor again?” Behind him followed two transporters and a pair of nurses who wheeled Lex’s bed in from the recovery room and behind a curtain into the Critical Care Unit.

The direct question unnerved him even though he knew it was coming. “I’m not,” he said, keeping to the truth. “But I know him.”
Read more... )

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Chapter One:
The Repeating Mneme

“Shouldn’t his brains be silly putty by now?” Lois Lane asked from her hospital bed, her arm in a sling. Gunshots were itchy. Goddamnit gunshots were itchy.

Her cousin, Chloe Sullivan, held up her hand and walked out of the room into the hallway. “Where are you?” She asked again into her cell phone.

Clark Kent stood outside the Metropolis General Hospital’s Critical Care Unit. He’d been told, due to the intensity of Lex’s injuries, that when he left surgery and recovery, he’d most likely come there. “The CCU, but you should stay with Lois.”

“I hope his brains are silly putty!” Chloe heard Lois screech from inside the room. Chloe shut the door.
Read more... )

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The Warder of the Brain

Title from William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”
Post “Descent”

Small Victories and Major Losses

When Clark shifted his eyes, Lex couldn’t help but grin. He’d done that. He did that. He’d made that happen and in one swift action his father was gone and Clark finally understood the opponent he faced. There was respect in the turning of his eyes. There was fear. No other action he’d taken up to that point had resulted in a reaction that had felt half as gratifying as when Clark’s eyes turned and his gaze lowered, hitting the top of that smooth casket. This was the reaction he’d only dreamed about and now he had it . . . now he held all the power he’d ever truly wanted; over the one person he’d ever truly respected. It was a minute grin, the first gain, a small victory. More were sure to follow and his smile would eventually broaden as the satisfaction increased—victory after victory.Read more... )

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