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Part Three

“You say you’ve known the Kents for years?” Lois inquired, following a quickly moving John down the tight corridor. “Well, I’ve never met you,” and her words were tinged in suspicion and curiosity.

“I didn’t realize there was a prerequisite,” he mumbled, his hand in his pocket, blindly and accurately texting Oliver that he now had an anchor. He hit ‘send’ and turned to ladle the files into her hands. “Thanks,” he said with a smile, turning and heading onto the staircase. Lois stood at the top of the stairs, a bitter smile on her lips and a fire in her eyes.

“Attaché doesn’t mean secretary!” She shouted.

“No, it means briefcase.”

About to toss the files after his head she calmed herself remembering it was a felony and rightly suspecting he was doing this to have her thrown off the case. With a sickly sweet smile she descended the stairs head high and shoulders back, like an Empress. She muttered, “And asshole only has one meaning.”Read more... )

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Part Two

The girl stepped lightly on the cool stone of the square. People stared at her and she tried to cover herself up, knowing what she must have looked like, knowing how she must have appeared to them. It was a strange thought she supposed, to be so self-conscious at a time like that but she was scared and a frightened mind could only react in specific learned ways. Hers was modesty. She tried to speak but her throat was dry and all she could do was open and close her mouth, silent croaks and pleading eyes asking for help. She recognized this place, she’d seen it in books and movies but she wasn’t sure how she’d managed to get halfway across the world to now be barefoot and naked in the center of the Winter Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Russia. A woman from the growing crowd pushed through and circled a jacket over the girl’s thin shoulders.Read more... )

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prompted by tragicllyhip
post 'Bride'
rated pg-13 for language

Part One

He saw the looks on their faces but didn’t understand the expressions there. Their features were scrunching and twisting and making looks that made him intrigued. They pointed to him and he stopped walking to wonder why. He looked down to himself and saw bare flesh and bare feet and turned back to them, seeing the clothes on their bodies and somehow knowing he was different. He put a hand to his chest and was puzzled.Read more... )

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