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Chapter Two

Clark sat quietly smiling at a round table in the center of the room with the spotlights focused down on him. Of the eight chair table, his neighbors were Mr. Luthor, Mrs. Darcy, an acquaintance of Mr. Luthor’s (and probably the reason why Nell had called him a duplicitous animal), Mrs. Caroline Elliot, the head of the LuthorCorp EuroDivision, her husband Mr. Hubert Elliot and the Mayor of Metropolis, Mr. Isaac Walters and his wife Susanne. The empty chair next to Clark belonged to Lex who was standing on the stage at the moment, dedicating the dinner to his friend.

“. . . So I ask you all to raise your glasses for a true Kansan hero, Clark Joseph Kent!” Lex waved to the table and encouraged Clark to stand among the now deafening claps, cheers and applause. Clark rose to stand and narrowly caught the wine glass that had decided to commit suicide the moment he rose. Lex laughed into the mic, “Yet another save!” which brought more cheers and helped to erase some of Clark’s new embarrassment. Clark awkwardly raised his hand to the crowd.
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justforspite: (Marilyn- Camera)
Clex friendship/pre-slash
Season One when life was fun
Set after Jitters
Some innocence with a little action
Prompted by Chelly
Double-O Penguin
By JayneFaire
Chapter One

“I look like a penguin,” he groaned, slipping his finger between his starched collar and restricted neck.

She gave him a warm smile, “Then you have to be the biggest penguin ever made. I should call National Geographic—you’re quite a find Clark Kent.”

The hairs on the back of his neck prickled. Ever since discovering his true origins, he had this weird image of the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol zooming up to his little yellow farmhouse, but instead of coming to bestow the millions that would fix all of his family’s financial problems, they wouldn’t be from Publisher’s Clearing House but rather become this horde of reporters with cameras and a government escort. National Geographic taking pictures of the ‘alien’ before he was carted off to Area-51. He did admit it was a weird image.
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