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As the sun rose, Miss Twiss stood by her bedroom window and looked out to the dense forest before her. Another day, another life would be brought to her. She’d been tempted to take the soul of young Mr. Winchester but as she was nearing to do so she was stopped. It had been promised to another. Her anger flared but it quickly calmed. Tasting his blood was the closest she’d gotten to absorbing his energy. He was strong, yes; Mr. Graham was right on that. She could taste his strength, his determination and more. Hidden under the walls he’d erected during his short lifetime. A love, a capacity for love that she wished she could admire. She would have if she’d been as naïve as she’d been in her youth when those who worshipped her did so blindly and with such faith as to make her feel defiant and strong and powerful. Careless. Lazy and too epicurean for her own good. She became fat like Rome and fell much faster.
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He was going to vomit. He was pretty sure it wasn’t anything he could fight against. He hadn’t eaten much in a few days but whatever was still in his body was about to make a quick retreat. Sam raised his flashlight and tried not to think about greasy food or moldy bathrooms—it’s not like those were common thoughts that occupied his mind on a regular basis but didn’t it seem when you didn’t want to think about stuff like that, they were the first things to pop up in your head? He heard the sound of the stream before he realized that the majority of the passing water’s noise was the sound of carrion flies. He glanced over his shoulder and saw the looks on Ellen’s and Bobby’s faces—they were thinking of moldy greasy food.

“What the hell?” Ellen mumbled, breathing through a blue blanket she’d brought from the car.

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Small comforts came in many packages and his comfort had been his curse. Driving down onto Bobby’s block he found comfort in knowing that if Dean was going to die he would have known by now. His visions would have told him. Nightmares would have warned him. He would know if his brother was dead and right now, he knew his brother was alive. It was all he had to focus on.

He pulled the Rav4 up to the house and jumped out, his eyes scanning the road. He’d crossed Iowa in record time and counted his blessings that he hadn’t been stopped for speeding. He didn’t have time to deal with cops and all he would do in that situation was disable them without concern. He and his brother had often worked too much within the law. It perhaps didn’t seem that way but it was true, John had raised them to respect authority up to a certain point. Their father however would not have approved of where they were now in terms of the manhunt out on them. You let them catch you? rang clear as a bell in his head. John Winchester didn’t give cops the latitude. Not at all. Traffic stops ended with two officers passed out on some lone stretch of highway, their cameras disabled, their tapes destroyed. Police were an annoyance, plain and simple.
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He spoke softly and right by his ear, so close that his breath raised the hairs on Dean’s neck, “I’m bored.” His hand passed down the side of Dean’s cheek, the thumb caressing the bruised skin. The young man flinched away, moving only a few inches, his body tightly chained to the bed posts. His arms pulled taut over his head, his legs tugged spread-eagle and bound with thin, strong chains. He lay naked and exposed on the old mattress. The light georgette curtains floated on the warm June breeze, the white fabric looking like a ghost in dance. The near impenetrable darkness of night made the world look like an empty, endless pit. The room was all glass, windows moving seamlessly to mirrors and shifting his eyes from one angle to another only brought back his pale reflection against a silver mirrored background or his reflection against the black air of the Oregon woods.

“Where. Is. Sam?” The man asked again for what seemed the millionth time.

Safe. Dean said to himself, his eyes focused on his reflection above him. He didn’t look as he remembered. He couldn’t remember how long he’d been here. He didn’t even know what day it was. To the man, he said nothing.
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