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Memory: A Biological Construct

He listens again to Ash’s explanation over the phone. A lot of psychobabble begins and Dean’s lost but he infers what he can from the main points—memory, as humans know it, is all part of the brain and the brain chemistry. Ash goes on to explain something about the hippocampus and Dean just thinks that’s a funny name for something.
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Title: Switched at Death
Author: JayneFaire
Notes: hmm . . . note that it'll be weird, will be a short WIP
Characters: Dean, Sam, Sam[ofc]
Rating: R (Violence, Language)
Summary: *koff*
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Supernatural, Warner Bros., or anyone associated with the "Supernatural" series. I am not endorsed by any of the aforementioned parties. Rights to the characters and their likenesses are neither claimed nor implied.

“You’re going to have to trust me,” he says. His voice is low and rough and hair prickles all over my body. His hand closes over my mouth before I can scream. I think my bladder’s about to give out and I struggle from his hands, my arms thrashing, my legs kicking and I scream and scream before he’s on top of me again, his arms pushing on my face and chest so tight that I whimper at the pain. He hears me and releases a little as if he forgot something. As if he didn’t realize I was 5’4” and just over a hundred pounds. As if grabbing me like a sumo wrestler wouldn’t hurt. . . . )

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