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Written for Chlark 24/7
prompt: kisses
PG: just off-center future AU.
Just an ordinary day and a not so ordinary promise.


He’s never been tender but he’s always overwhelmingly considerate. She’s understood the reasons but hadn’t been able to verbalize them. To her understanding, the greatest limit inside of him was his fear to harm anything he touched. A soft touch to him could mean pain to anyone else. A caress could become sandpaper. He was strong and when passion took anyone else they gripped, they held, they absorbed the one they loved with eager need but he had to be different. His passions were tempered by the same love that lit them. To keep someone close, he had to keep them at arms length.

For a boy who had to learn to hug watermelons before he could drape his arms over someone’s shoulder; for a boy who learned to caress eggs before he dare touch someone’s cheeks, she understood his fear. Crushed fruit and broken shells were his lessons and his warnings that the softest touch could take someone away from him.

All this she would learn later, years after they’d met. The stories of his self-imposed school-yard isolation only made sense then. The reasons behind his hesitant handshake and cautious handholding were made clear.

What he loved the best he feared the most to touch.Read more... )

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prompted by toby


She doesn’t actually understand why she’s with him. Her brain is only half-filled with facts and images but no real . . . feelings. She can’t find the word. It’s indescribable ‘cause it’s so insubstantial. She feels like she’s absorbed half her life through Youtube and Google searches. Flashpoints of visual memory that don’t mean anything, no thousands words, just blank walls corrupted by a data point here, a factoid there—graffiti everywhere and her life is tagged with the same bulbous balloony writing on the side of a dump truck that means nothing to anyone but the person who put it there. That person, she’s sure, wasn’t her. She’s convinced memories aren’t supposed to be so weightless. So void.Read more... )

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Seven and Seven
Season 8

An alarm went off and Chloe blinked away the cobwebs hanging over her mind. The apartment was cold and she could hear the commotion of the world outside. Moving through the headache of a hangover she realized she was in her bed, alone. Raising her hands to her face she squinted hard and put the world into focus. No ring. Thank Jesus.Read more... )

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