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She doesn’t actually understand why she’s with him. Her brain is only half-filled with facts and images but no real . . . feelings. She can’t find the word. It’s indescribable ‘cause it’s so insubstantial. She feels like she’s absorbed half her life through Youtube and Google searches. Flashpoints of visual memory that don’t mean anything, no thousands words, just blank walls corrupted by a data point here, a factoid there—graffiti everywhere and her life is tagged with the same bulbous balloony writing on the side of a dump truck that means nothing to anyone but the person who put it there. That person, she’s sure, wasn’t her. She’s convinced memories aren’t supposed to be so weightless. So void.Read more... )

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Seven and Seven
Season 8

An alarm went off and Chloe blinked away the cobwebs hanging over her mind. The apartment was cold and she could hear the commotion of the world outside. Moving through the headache of a hangover she realized she was in her bed, alone. Raising her hands to her face she squinted hard and put the world into focus. No ring. Thank Jesus.Read more... )

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for and totally inspired by michi

The Stamp Collector

You probably don’t care who I am. You’ll forget about me soon enough but I still have a story. I’ll tell you that story then go back to my life which is wrapped up in a Nine-to-Five that actually stretches out 6:30-5 with no overtime pay in sight. But I get up every morning at the asscrack of dawn because the economy sucks and I don’t want to live off Cup Noodles in my parent’s basement.Read more... )
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Dean exits a corner store. Sam and Castiel are waiting outside for him.

Sam: Dude, we were in the middle of--
Castiel: Dean, this is so important--
Dean: I had to get something. [he hands Castiel a small brown paper bag]
Castiel: I have no need for--
Dean: Oh yeah, you do. Trust me.
[Castiel opens the bag and looks inside]
Castiel: What am I looking at?
Dean: See? That's the issue. You angels have no idea, right? The human body has certain needs. Certain wants and requirements. You know?
Castiel: What exactly am I supposed to do with this?
Dean: Use it. Trust me Cas, just use it.
[Castiel pulls out the small stick of chapstick and Sam bursts out laughing]
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prompted by [livejournal.com profile] supercaptain182

The End is the Beginning

I hate the word ‘destiny’. It has no definition. Who knows, really, what their own destiny is? No one does and that’s the problem with it right there. People throw around, ‘this is your destiny,’ and ‘you are destined for xyz,’ but they’re assuming something they have no right to assume. If my father is evil, am I destined for evil? If I’m the son of a good man, am I destined to be good?

We all seem to forget that Satan, the definition of evil, was born a loved creation of the very definition of good.

‘Destiny’ is hollow and I refuse to be defined by it.
---Read more... )

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Dean: Okay, so, there’s a God.
Castiel: Yes.
Dean: Hmm. K. What about the big J.C.?
Castiel: Jesus?
Dean: Yep.
Castiel: Is there a Jesus?
Dean: Yep.
Castiel: Yes, there is a Jesus. We’re dealing with Revelation, Dean.
Dean: . . . ?
Castiel: Like I said, read a Bible.
Dean: So, there’s a heaven?
Castiel: Do you imagine God has a double-wide trailer in West Virginia?
Dean: Hmm, okay, so we’ve got God, Jesus and Heaven. So, when somebody dies they do have the option of upstairs or downstairs?
Castiel: That’s implicit.
Dean: Okay, so—
Castiel: To what do these questions tend?
Dean: Work with me. So, how does somebody get to heaven? Is there a right way? Are we talking Catholics and confession or Baptists and lots of singing?
Castiel: It’s all about a relationship with God.
Dean: Is that you pleading the Fifth?
Castiel: Dean—
Dean: Okay, so, God, heaven and the possibility of actually getting there. So, am I a free agent?
Castiel: A free agent?
Dean: Yeah. You yanked me outta hell, I’m here walking around, doing my thing. If I choke on a chicken bone tomorrow I go . . . where?
Castiel: Do you have a relationship with God?
Dean: . . . not in so many . . . No.
Castiel: Well, you answered your own question.
Dean: . . . hmm, okay, so say before I choke on that chicken bone—
Castiel: The life you lead, you really think you’ll die at the hands of a chicken carcass?
Dean: . . . So, I’m battling this huge fucking swamp demon with talons and shit—
Castiel: Better.
Dean: Before the big battle, I’m going in knowing when I die I’m back in the pit?
Castiel: Yes.
Dean: So . . . why fight?
Castiel: Because there’s still the possibility of that chicken bone.
Dean: . . . hmm.
Castiel: [walking out] Your friend Bobby has about fifty different versions of the Bible. I’m sure he can recommend one.
Dean: . . . shit.
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prompt: one character's thoughts on the way things changed after the movie's end

Almost Adjusting
warnings for language
Zeke Tyler

She said ‘that’s fascinating’ right before she ‘really had to go’. I heard the click at the end of the line before she even told me if Hank was okay, having a good time—fucking breathing. I don’t know what the hell I expected when I opened my goddamn mouth. Lizzie said ‘they’ll care’ and I tried to explain the exact genus of bastard my parents were but she kept on smiling, kept on saying they really were interested in my life but the truth was there all the time. I knew what it was and where I lay in the broad scheme of things.Read more... )

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Chloe Sullivan dragged her reluctant best friend to the stage. Everyone in the crowd knew Clark Kent and the prospect that he would actually do a song of karaoke almost blew the roof off the coffee shop with cheers and whistles.

“Chloe—” He began, his face resembling a tomato.

“You promised,” she insisted. “It’s a duet, I’m right here with you.”

“Can I at least choose the song?”

She giggled, and it was so near ‘maniacal’ that he nearly sped away from her and the entire scene. “Clark, this is probably the first and last time I’ll ever get you to do karaoke so you are gonna do this up RIGHT.” She turned and waved to Jimmy who held his camcorder high.

“Jimmy’s recording this?” Now his face resembled a glass of skim milk.

She nodded, “Ohhh, yes!” She winked to Lois who was manning the karaoke machine. She looked almost sorry for him. Then again, he could swear he recognized that evil gleam in her eye. A chill shot up his spine.

The music began . . .

[what happens next? Comment a scenario]
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prompted by [livejournal.com profile] tobywolf13
post "Traveler"
A/N: I'm taking this story slow as I try and rediscover my chlark-heart. The sections will be very small.
wordcount on this section: 950
Up to 01 | 02 | 03

Everybody and Me 04

She knew there wasn’t a ‘maybe, someday’ for her. She would never see the world through Clark’s eyes and even if the random chance of a lightning strike should happen, even with his abilities she could never view the world just as he saw it. All her truths would remain truth and she’d never have that which makes him the most unique observer. Her truths were simple and as simple as anyone on the planet could boast save for Clark and Kara—Chloe was human. That simple truth came with it a family of six billion brothers and sisters to share in the human experience. Until she could divorce herself of this massive kinship, she would never see the Earth through those eyes that had been opened to an entire universe beyond. This planet was her home, this population was her people. She walked side by side with every last one of them. Clark, though raised shoulder to shoulder with those of his adopted family, soon found that he was painfully unlike the rest. His differences did not manifest facially but still physically all the same and so uniquely that he was undeniably a stranger. The boy who had been raised within the comfy confines of this place discovered that he was a transplant, maple leaves on an oak tree destined to produce very different things.Read more... )

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prompted by [livejournal.com profile] tobywolf13
post "Traveler"
A/N: I'm taking this story slow as I try and rediscover my chlark-heart. The sections will be very small.
wordcount on this section: 698
Up to 01 | 02

Everybody and Me 03

The look in her eyes couldn’t be mistaken and instead of dealing with what he saw there, he turned away from her and once again sought the kind of escape that only the stars could provide. He remembered the time, not too long ago, when his eyes needed the help of a telescope to see the sky in all its grandeur. Time changed and his abilities evolved to the point that now when he looked to the stars he chose to view them very differently. The tiny twinkling that marked the human experience was not the same experience for Clark anymore. Stars were now large, massive floating bodies that overwhelmed the horizon, magnified to such magnificent proportions that the sight never failed to fill him with pure childlike wonder. This was the only place on Earth where he could ignore the responsibilities of his birth and exile and once again have something that was all his and all beautiful at the same time. Out here, on this field, he lived on a plateau that reached millions of miles off the surface of the planet and brought him up, side by side with the galaxy.Read more... )

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prompted by [livejournal.com profile] tobywolf13
post "Traveler"
A/N: I'm taking this story slow as I try and rediscover my chlark-heart. The sections will be very small.
wordcount on this section: 720
Up to 01 |

Everybody and Me 02

Up. He was looking up and she’d been right but rejoicing over some small detail like that wasn’t exactly how she felt in seeing it. Seeing Clark, yet again, escape ‘down here’ for ‘up there’ was something Chloe never could get used to. Before she knew the secret of his origins, Chloe had always viewed Clark’s stargazing as a childhood hobby that had bled into adolescence. It wasn’t giving any particular weight at all; now knowing who he was and where he came from, she understood that the day could one day come where he may forever disappear ‘up there’. The thought would always twist her around just enough to ensure she never forgot just how much his simple presence meant to her.Read more... )

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prompted by [livejournal.com profile] tobywolf13
post "Traveler"
A/N: I'm taking this story slow as I try and rediscover my chlark-heart. The sections will be very small.
wordcount on this section: 380

Everybody and Me

“He won’t talk to me,” Kara said, staring out across the fields to the solitary figure of her cousin. Chloe sat next to her on the dry wooden posts of an old fence.Read more... )

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Up to Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Chapter Six:


“You’re not saying much,” Lex observed. Moment after moment had passed and they remained in heavy silence.

Prompted, Clark replied, “I guess I don’t talk a lot . . . anymore.” Read more... )
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She hadn’t slept in thirty-seven hours and it was definitely starting to show in the looks of frightened avoidance she was receiving from Clark. He was tiptoeing around her as if he figured she was either premenstrual or prenatal.

Without looking up from the book in her lap, Chloe thrust out her hand and demanded, “Coffee!”

“You’re gonna overdose,” he warned, handing over a freshly made cup of coffee. A moment ago it had only been coffee beans and cold water.

“You are very observant and super-handy,” she said with tight lips, her eyes never leaving the page. She swallowed the steaming hot coffee in large gulps.

“You’re losing it, Chlo,” he said, sitting down next to her. He tried, for the fifth time in the last hour, to remove the cryptic puzzle she’d been trying to decipher.

“I bite,” she warned him.

“And I don’t bruise,” he reminded her. With a sigh he said, “It’s just Sudoku.”

“It’s the last grid in the book and I can do it!”

“I can help—”

She covered her ears and started to la la la.


“La la la!!!”

He pouted, “Fine.”

With a wide, manic smile she thrust out her empty cup, “More coffee!”

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Clark peered through his clear lenses at the Duomo. The doors to the cathedral had closed over six hours ago but the view from the outside was breathtaking. He’d had somewhat of a view from his hotel window but actually standing in the square was how it was really meant to be seen. He wished he’d done this back in Rome—there’d been so many places he’d wanted to see in Rome: Villa Borghese, Campidoglio, the Coliseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain [jeez] All of it was right there at his fingertips—but . . . wait . . .

Nothing was stopping him from seeing Rome. For him, it was only a few seconds away. Hell, he could take in all of Italy tonight! The idea alone was pure liberation. What was stopping him from taking in Tuscany or Florence or Siena, Genoa, Naples, Venice [without Pete]. All of it!

With a wide smile and a desire to take in all of Milan, Clark sped away.
---on holiday . . . )

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Back to Part One |

February in Milan was welcomingly more temperate than at the Winter Palace. Lex thought that New York had dismal winters but his first December in St. Petersburg was like being dipped headfirst in a vat of liquid nitrogen. He had no idea what Napoleon and Hitler thought they were doing when they invaded Russia. He would have loved to take a night tour of the city and visit the Piazza del Duomo, the Leonardo Memorial, the Pinacoteca di Brera, and all the other places the online tourist websites told him he had to visit when one came to Milan, but there were always places for him to go and people for him to see. He’d taken over Chair duties of LuthorCorp from his father but the nature of the company had changed and the title was just that: titular. He just existed as a symbol of the nation just as he existed as a symbol for the company. When faced with both sides of his responsibilities, there was absolutely no leeway given for side excursions.

Stepping out of the shower of his hotel bathroom, Lex tied a pristine white towel around his narrow waist and went to the mirror. Wiping away the fog he looked to his newly returned curls. They dropped in ringlets all about his face and trailed, heavy with water, down his bare back. He’d come to resent his hair over the years. During his childhood and through his years at Princeton, he’d worn his hair normally; short, sometimes shaggy, but nothing stare-worthy. Now he spent most of his days looking like the cover of a metal album from the 80’s. Now he was obliged [he really hated that word] to grow it out. His father had drilled it into him that it had to do with tradition and respect and returning to the core practices of the Empire and [blah blah] all of that.on holiday . . . )

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Chapter Five:
Direct Questions

He was faced with a challenge that hung directly on the hope Lex would wake up the same as he had just three hours ago. He would still be the man Clark had grown to value, to trust and to appreciate.

Clark tried to prepare himself for what lay ahead. There were two possibilities and even if Lex woke up with no recollection of the last four years, there was of course the very real possibility, even the expectation, that he would remember everything eventually. That wasn’t the issue, Clark knew it wasn’t. What lay ahead of him was the challenge to re-lay some groundwork, to reform foundations that had eroded in the last few years. This was his opportunity to reach out without fear of his hand being bitten off in the process. Lex’s mistrust and his guards and defenses were lowered. He trusted Clark to be his friend and it was now up to Clark to be that friend, to show him he always had been. He was older now and more emotionally equipped to deal with the world and what it meant to be of the world. He was more comfortable with himself and with those around him. He hoped it was enough to guide him because the fact of the matter was, four years ago he’d made a decision based on fear, one he’d never again repeated, but it was made and he knew, deep in his heart, it played a part in shaping who Lex had become. The torture and torment Lex had gone through at the hands of his father . . . that’s where it all began.Read more... )

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