Apr. 19th, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] simplytoopretty hosted drabble tag and we just finished.

Most of these are Chlark and Chloom with an Oliver/Tess and Davis/Tess thrown in for spice.

**PS: if you think one of these should be expanded to a full length story, I'll think about it!


“Lady Macbeth’s got nothing on you,” Tess said, circling Davis like a cat. He’d looked up from the bathroom mirror to see her icy blue eyes boring into him, chilling his soul. The porcelain sink was flecked with red and his hands were raw from his furious scrubbing.

“How did you—”

“LuthorCorp still owns this building. I heard a few curious reports from the night manager and it was easy enough to figure everything out once I got hold of the security tape before Ms. Sullivan had the chance to erase it. I have to say, she’s good,” the vowels stretch and linger on the air in a dirty innuendo. “From what I could tell, she’s tamed you. She’s got that . . . loving feeling. But, oh dear, where is she and what will she say when she sees what you’ve done?”

He closes his eyes, her words twisting sharply like a knife inside.

“I have a proposition. You may feel inclined to accept. I’ll keep this break in your diet a secret if you do one thing for me.”

He remains silent, tension roiling through him.

“I need you to kill Clark Kent.” With a humorless arch of her brow she amends, “Well, try your hardest at least.”

“I have a counteroffer,” he whispers, his voice rough. “I’ll keep my own secret,” He turned to her, his eyes as blood red as the mess on his hands. “and you try not to scream.”
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