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Includes a manip at the bottom of the page with a partial face of the new Doctor.
Don't look if you're concerned about casting spoilers.
Characters: The 11th Doctor[not based on anything besides my imagination so read freely w/o worry], 10.5, Rose and Tyler [oc]

The 11th Doctor

Time travel and parallel universes were funny things.
Well, perhaps not so much funny as not-funny, at all, really.
Hmm . . .

Chapter 1: Anderly Park

When the TARDIS landed on Earth.2 he wondered where exactly he was and when exactly he’d gotten there. The entire situation was strange really. He was on the other side of the great big universe at the opposite end of time and then in an instant a rumble rumble here and a shaky shaky there and here he was. Earth. Most definitely Earth by the glaring yellow sun and what stars he could make out through the bright blue sky but little things: the bird’s song, the fluffy white dandelion seeds dancing by, the distinct genetically variant race of Vashta Nerada, and most telling, the sweet hint of methyl-themerol-chlorixide in the air, told him this place was not the Earth of his universe but of another. Methyl-themerol-chlorixide was never developed on Earth prime. It would be three Earths later in vastly different galaxies before the technology to cross-pollinate via chemical spraying vs. the then extinct bumble bee would be approved by the Interstellar Department of Agriculture.

“Well, I suppose this deserves a little investigation,” he hummed, rocking on the tips of his toes facing a small park. His feet were shod in black and white checkered Vans and he moved forward from the blue box with a cautious step. It had been two years since the dimensions collapsed and him being where he was caused not a small bit of concern. He wasn’t sure if this was a sign of bad portents or simply really bad luck.

There was a coffee stand on the corner from the park and there he saw the news ticker pronouncing the day as June 17, 2031. “Hmm, not extravagant.” He was glad of that. Instead of being historically theatrical in his choice of clothing he was simply tolerantly retro—sand washed blue jeans, an olive plaid blazer over a burgundy hoodie and a simple white t-shirt with a totally irrelevant oceanic graphic over his chest. He found the relaxed style more fitting with his new apparent age. Placing himself at around 23-26ish he tried blue jeans for the first time in his long life. They were interesting. Surprisingly comfortable. Everyone else was in an entirely new set of artificial fibers and silhouettes that in a few years would be insufferably yesterday.

Now he knew ‘when’ he was, but the ‘where’ still eluded him. There were an infinite number of parallel universes and he could be just about anywhe—

“What are you doing here?!” He heard a happy squeal behind him. He spun on his heels but he wasn’t fast enough to prevent being enveloped in a smothering hug. “And your Dad already left for the airport. You should have called,” she said before pulling away and completely flipping his life upside down. “He’ll get you for that.”

Standing before him, eyes sparkling, bottle-blonde hair hiding what grey that should have been there by now but looking as beautiful as ever was, “Rose,” he whispered. He was so glad she hadn’t taken after Jackie. Or Pete. Or a combination of both.

It was a curious look she gave him then. Half ‘oh no you didn’t’ and ‘you’re too cute for me to take a switch to’, “Well, I know Uni’s an experience but the name’s still ‘Mum’ to you, alright?”

His mind went completely blank, “Um . . .”

She reacted to something and with a smile she placed a hand on his chest to hush him and touched a small device at her ear. On her hand was a gold wedding band. Blinking blue and activated she answered it grinning, “I know, he’s here . . . Ty.” A moment later her voice faltered, “What do you mean what do I mean? Ty’s right here . . . in front of me . . . I’m looking right at him—”

The Doctor raised his hand, “I’m confused. Can we start over?”

“Very funny . . . well, he can’t be with you, he’s here with me . . . Anderly Park . . . I don’t understand, it’s Ty . . . of course it’s him!” Now she wasn’t exactly sure and she hated that feeling. She reached up and touched his face, her brows coming together trying to figure what was going on. Sure it’d been a few months but she knew her own . . . never pulling away from his eyes, as brown as her own, she withdrew her wallet from her purse and flipped open to the pictures. Up from the 2x3 holographic projection paper rose a life-sized 3D facial image.

The Doctor felt her fingers on his face and for a moment his confusion was gone. He was fine and everything was great and the world was . . . he briefly glanced to the image with a content smile and then almost gave himself whiplash looking again to it. “What’s that?”

She flinched her hand away. “What do you mean, what’s that? That’s you.”

“That looks like me, but I’m me and that’s not me.” He felt like a liar just by having the words leave his mouth. She was right, the image could have been him taken just an hour before. “Who is that?”

She searched his eyes, “Ty, it’s you.”

He slowly shook his head, “Rose . . . my name isn’t Ty.” The situation couldn’t be what it seemed like. The chances that it could be were statistics he couldn’t even assign numbers to. Nothing was impossible but the improbability was right up there with one minus infinity. It had to be a mistake, some really strange cosmic confusion.

A horn blared a half a street away. They both spun to see a large blue sedan racing down the road. Screeching to a halt he watched himself jump out of the car—two of himselves.

“Now, that’s just weird,” he mumbled. The older version of the old him was racing up to them and the current version of the current him was on the older . . . him’s? heels.

“Rose?” The old version said, coming to her and getting between them. Twenty-three years had passed and he seemed better for the wear. A little scruff, some tasteful grey, he wouldn’t have minded growing old in that body. New pinstriped suit and actual functioning glasses. Definite college professor.

“Mum?” The current him said going to her and hearing that word come out of that mouth sent him into Dada surrealist land. They looked to each other, both not knowing what to think or say. It was like looking into a mirror.

The Doctor turned to Rose, “He’s your son?” He asked, his mind completely blown.

The old version said, “He’s our son, who are you?”

It took him a minute to grasp that. Looking to Rose, then to the ring. Looking to who he’d been just two and twenty-three years ago and then to the matching gold band situated on his finger. Seeing the son standing between them he blinked very slowly but it was like crickets were singing between his ears. “Um,” he turned around. This was overload. This was a little too deep into the twilight zone and he needed a little distance. “Am I still breathing?” He absently asked before turning and walking away.

Rose was married. Rose was married to him. He and Rose were married and had a son that now looked exactly like him. “This is amazing!” He said, one of his hearts palpitating. “No, wrong word. Um, awesome, fabulous, wonderful, magnificent? No . . . terrifying. Yes!” He beamed, his legs moving faster. “I think I’ll settle on terrifying.”

The three were on his heels as he quickly walked, his hands shoved into his pockets, his head down and his steps heavy. He turned for a brief moment, “Was that your car?” They froze and he waited a minute too long before he realized they weren’t going to answer him. “It’s so . . . domestic, isn’t it?” He turned back around, “I suppose I could do domestic. Nothing really against domestic. No wood paneling at least,” he turned back to them with a smile, “Thank God for that,” he chuckled. The old him gave him a withering stare and the current him . . . his son . . . he turned back away and his pace was even faster.

“Who are you?!” Rose shouted after him and they all turned a corner to see the blue police box nested between two trees. He was facing away from her when he heard her gasp. He could almost picture it. Her eyes going wide, an instant of immediate confusion followed by recognition and then, “Oh my—”

He faced them. He and the old him had an exchange of perfect understanding. Looking down to himself, touching the t-shirt the Doctor said, “It was a wild, wonderful adventure culminated by very little blood, an unfortunate event and a new . . . me. I suppose.”

“It’s really you?” Rose asked, searching his face for something she’d missed in examining it before but all she could see was, “You regenerated into my son?!”

“Technically, I suppose, but—”

She backed up and walked away.

“Rose!” He called out but she turned, signaling that she just needed a moment to herself. He was left alone in the middle of the park with his older genetic twin and his identical son. “So,” he began with a long whistle. Looking to Ty he said, “Going to University?” His eyes brightened, “Wow.” He coughed, “So, what are you studying?”


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